Since my initial successful boot of my Raspberry Pi, months ago, I haven’t spent much time on it. Only because life has kept me busy, and I didn’t have a specific need to do so. My nightly TV regimen was satisfied with Hulu (even though I pay for two other services as well), and that was that.

I recently bought a Nintendo Switch, and gave my old PS3 to my daughter, not realizing that the Switch lacked my other two streaming apps.   But I wasn’t worried…I had my Pi!

I soon found out, its not that easy to watch Netflix, Hulu, etc. on a Raspberry Pi. Like most things Linux, it takes some: customizing, finesse, and knowledge. Since I lack most of these, I consulted my trusty friend Google; and found a lot of helpful advice.

Newly armed, with knowledge, I eagerly proceed to make my Netflix, Prime Video, etc. viewable

Fail, after fail, after…FAIL. UGH!

Yet another wall in my adventure with this sweet berry. Thank goodness I don’t give up easily! But leave it to technology to be so indispensible, yet make me feel soooo dumb.

RainbowMessengerRed lipsMug

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